Customer Service. Many companies promise it but few actually provide it. Have you put your trust in a company to do what they’ve promised to do and it doesn’t get done? Your phone calls go unreturned. You’re talking to "customer service" reps who don't understand the basic concepts and importance of discovery. You’ve spent your valuable time calling hospitals and doctors offices trying to accomplish what someone else has already promised to you. It's frustrating!

But it doesn't need to be. At Pacific Docu-Scan your orders are handled by licensed, bonded professional photocopiers with paralegal experience in Insurance Litigation. We know the intricacies of the business and the importance of Strong Customer Service.

"We make customer service our #1 priority"

Our Services Include

Document procurement by subpoena, including Notice to Consumer

Document procurement by authorization or court order

Ability to provide documents on paper or digital (CD-Rom) mediums

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